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Stay in Shape While Travelling






Swim, run, cycle, dance, walk – or stand on your head…whatever you do to keep fit, sticking to your schedule is hard when you travel. However, even the shortest workout can give your body and brain a much-needed burst of oxygen – or ‘oomph’ as it’s technically known. Here’s how to keep moving when you are on the move…

Work with what you have

Your own bodyweight is the best workout tool in the world. It’s free and wherever you are in the world – you can guarantee it’s there with you.


The evidence that standing beats sitting isn’t new. A 1950s study of bus conductors (who stood) and bus drivers (who sat) published in the Lancet found the former had a 50% reduced risk of heart disease. A (much) more recent University of Chester study showed that every hour standing burns 50 more calories than sitting. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, standing for three extra hours daily burns 30,000 calories a year, which equals 8lbs of fat - and is the fat-burning equivalent of running 10 marathons. Did you just stand up?


No one needs to tell you that stairs are better for you than the lift or escalator. But, do you know why they’re such a great workout? As you keep moving upwards, you are working against gravity and since each step requires the muscles in a single leg to fire up, you work a series of muscle groups with every stair you climb. Think of it like super-charged lunges.


Probably not one to do in the middle of meeting… But, one of the best exercises that uses body weight for resistance as you burn fat and calories. It works the bits that sit idle while you toil at your desk. And, if you can find a private place without an audience of colleagues, it really is a move you can do anywhere.

The late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs knew a thing or two about keeping his body and mind active – and chose to conduct his most important meetings on the move. Can you suggest a walking meeting with colleagues or clients?



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